2023 Year End Tournament


All games will follow standard ECRSA regular league rules, INCLUDING being SEVEN INNINGS in length.

— Please note, to help keep the tournament on time, a 15-run mercy rule will be in effect after FIVE INNINGS.

— A 10-run mercy rule will be in effect after SIX INNINGS. (*Note, this is only in effect for the year-end tournament, all regular season games will follow only the 15 after 5 rule as per the league manual)

Majority All games will be played @ Canada Games Diamond, with the exception of games 3&4 on the scheduling being played on Field 4 of the commons. Special rules below for this field as it has no back fence.

— Top Seed will be Home Team.

— All games are limited to 90 minutes, @ 90 minutes the game will be called and the final score will be the last completed inning.

— Field 4 Special rules:
For the non-fenced field, a “fence” will be created using pylons at approximately 210-250ft (approximately 70-83 paces) from the home base. These are approximate measurements, pylons will be placed by the commission prior to the games.

When using an unfenced ball diamond, the following scenario applies; To be deemed a home run, the ball must carry in the air and land outside of the home run line (see rules for pylon set-up). If the ball rolls through the home run line, it is an automatic ground rule double.