2016 Registration/Spares

2016 Registration Information

Registration for full time players is now open. If you are interested in playing full time, please register online, or swing by our registration event (Saturday 12 March 2016) from 3-6pm at the Company House.


Sparing for the 2016 will work as follows. If you fill out a registration form, you are allowed to spare if needed for $5 a week.

Please note that spares are not specific to a team. If a team needs a spare we will first allow the team to pick up a spare player based on the skills stated on their registration form (beginner, average, intermediate, advanced, major league ready). We want to keep things as fair as possible.

Click here to view the registration form

Can’t wait to see everyone on the fields!

Online Registration

To register online complete the registration form and email the completed form to ecrsainfo@gmail.com.

Once the form is submitted you can pay your league fees with PayPal.